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Flight to Kraków

There is an international airport Balice (KRK) in Kraków. Balice has direct connections from Western Europe, USA and Canada. The flights to Kraków are operated by the Polish Airlines LOT, Lufthansa, British Airways, Austrian Airlines, Swissair and by "cheap flight companies" Skyeurope, Ryanair, EasyJet, Centralwings, Transavia and Germanwings (see current flight schedule).

To reach the Campanile Hotel you can use:

RAILWAY (recommended)

There is a very convenient train service connecting the Balice Airport and the Kraków Main Railway Station. The Kraków - Balice Train Station is located app. 200 m from the passenger terminal. You can get there on foot (5 min. walk) or take a free shuttle bus service which operates to and from Kraków - Balice Train Station, this is a 1 minute trip from the airport terminal building. The bus stops in front of the passenger terminal and its time schedule is co-ordinated with the timetable (PDF) of the train.
You can buy a ticket either in the train or at the ticket machine (ticket fare: 4.00 PLN) close to the information desk at the passenger terminal.
The journey from the Kraków - Balice Train Station to the Kraków Main Railway Station takes 17 min. When you arrive at Kraków Main Railway Station from the airport North is at your back, West is on your right, East is on your left, and South in front. The station is close to the old city center and it is less than 10 minutes walk to the Campanile Hotel. To reach the hotel you should walk through a large shopping mall (Galeria Krakowska) which is next to the station on the western side and next go South to the underground pass. After passing it you should continue going right along Planty, the belt-like park surrounding the city center, up to St. Thomas street (Św. Tomasza) - the hotel is just on the corner.
If you want to take a taxi go to the parking lot located above the platforms taking the stairs (painted in blue) in the Southern end of the platform - although the distance is very short it takes around 10 minutes to get to the hotel and costs appr. 12 PLN.


City bus, line 192, is available close to the airport, and connects to the city center. The bus stop is located at the roundabout, right to the exit from the passenger terminal. The travel to the center takes approximately 40 minutes. Taking the 192 citybus line you should get off the bus at the stop "Dworzec Główny" (Railway Station) at Basztowa Street. The stop is just at the exit from the underground pass mentioned above and you should walk to the hotel along Planty.
Tickets for this bus may be purchased at newspaper stands (2.50 PLN) in the passenger terminal and also from the driver (for an additional payment of 0.50PLN).


You can take a taxi directly from the front of the terminal. The travel time to the city center is about
30 minutes, and costs from 60 to 100 PLN, depending on the time of day.

Coming by train or bus:

It is also possible to reach Kraków by an international train or bus. There are many connections from different European cities. The Bus Station (Dworzec Autobusowy) is located on the Eastern side of the Main Railway Station and to get to the city center you must walk through the tunnel under the platforms next to Galeria Krakowska or take a taxi either from the car park on the bottom level of the Bus Station or from the car park between the Bus and the Main Railway Station.

Flight to Warszawa:

There is an international airport Okęcie (WAW) in Warszawa, located about 10 km from the center of the city. Okęcie has direct connections from all over the world. Also cheap airlines operate numerous connections from Western Europe to Warszawa - the terminal serving economy airlines is called Etiuda and is near the regular airline terminal.

To reach Kraków from the Okęcie airport you can take domestic flights (departure from Warszawa to Kraków, a few connections daily) or a train.

There are many trains (Inter City and Express) from Warszawa to Kraków and from Kraków to Warszawa daily (timetable). The trip takes a little less than 3 hours and costs 70 - 90 PLN, depending on the class of the train.

The Central Railway Station in Warszawa is located about 10 km from Okecie airport . We recommend that you take the Airport City bus (avoid taxis in Warszawa - taxi drivers may choose
a roundabout route - which makes Warsaw taxis very expensive for foreigners!).

Flight to Katowice:

Katowice is the main city of Silesia, 80 kilometres West from Kraków. Katowice International Airport is located in Pyrzowice, 25 kilometres from the town. Flights between Katowice and Western Europe are operated by the Polish Airlines LOT, Lufthansa and cheap airlines, mainly WizzAir and Germanwings. It is best to take the shuttle bus service provided by flight companies, connecting Katowice Airport and Kraków. Fare is appr. 50 PLN, travel takes 2 hours. The shuttle buses go to the center of Kraków. Their last stop is in Matejko Square (Plac Matejki). It takes a 10 minute walk to the Campanile Hotel from there: just go through the remnants of the former city walls (Barbakan and Floriańska Gate), walk along Floriańska street and take the second street on the left - St.Thomas street (Św. Tomasza). The hotel is at the end of the street.