Social Events

Collaboration dinner

The Collaboration dinner will be held in the centre of Krakow in "Dom Polonii" Restarurant located in Main Market Square - Rynek Glowny 14.

Visit in the "Wieliczka" Salt Mine

Wieliczka Salt Mine works from Middle Ages being the oldest enterprise of salt industry on Polish land. For ages it was a source of polish fortune and a physical fundament of culture - today is the most willingly visited polish touristic object. Many centuries of mining the salt deposit formed the contemporary spatial mining excavation structure. Hidden below the town, situated on 9 levels, reaching 327 m deep Wieliczka's underground that is nearly 300 km of galleries and 3000 chambers. 3,5 km route 64-135 m below ground level is available for tourists. In 1976 Salt Mine Wieliczka was entered to the National Monuments Registry. Two years later in 1978 Mine was inscribed in UNESCO's 1st World List of Cultural and Natural Heritage, in 1994 was acknowledged as the National History Monument by the president of Poland (see webpage).

During the trip to Wieliczka, there will be a posibility to have a lunch in tavern outside the Salt Mine (paid by yourself).


The trip to Wieliczka will start on Saturday at 8:50 for guest accommodated in Hotel at Garbarska Str. The bus will arrive at 8:50 and departure at 9:00. Then we will go to the Institute (about 20 min.) to take the guest accommodated in the guest rooms at IFJ PAN. The bus will arrive to Institute at 9:20 and departure at 9:30. The bus will wait for guest at the main gate of the Institute. Please don't be late!!!