• How to get to the city?

    • From Airport

    • Krakow is served by the 21 airlines at the John Paul II International Airport at Krakow-Balice (click here for more information).
      The Airport is locaed 11 km from the city centre. Take a taxi (Radio Taxi 9191) from Krakow-Balice Airport to the hotel, which cost about 50 PLZ (12 Euro) one way.

      You can also use public transport - bus line 192 (through stops * Balice * * Olszanica Bory * * Olszanica Dzialki * * Olszanica * * Olszanica Kapliczka * * Lesmiana * * Raczkiewicza * * Chelm * * Zielony Dol * * Kopalina * * Kasztanowa * * Park Decjusza * * Sielanka * * Strzelnica * * Lajkonika * * Tondosa * * Slonecznikowa * * Hofmana * * Przegon * * Instytut Reumatologii * * Cracovia * * Uniwersytet Jagiellonski * * Teatr Bagatela * * Basztowa LOT * * Dworzec Glowny * * Rondo Mogilskie * * Rondo Grzegorzeckie * * Krakowska Szkola Wyzsza - the end*).

      Note: People accomodated in Stanislaw Pigon Visiting Professors' House at Garbarska Str. should get off at Teatr Bagatela stop and walk (about 10 min. walk) (see the map).

      Tickets may be purchased at newspaper stands in the passenger terminal and from the driver (with an additional payment). Please remember to purchase ticket for your luggage. Traveling time ca. 35 min.

      For more information click here.
    • From Railway Station

    • Krakow has direct railway links with Berlin, Budapest, Bucarest, Hamburg, Kiev, Lvov, Prague, Vienna, Zilin. All trains stop at the Dworzec Glowny - Main Railway Station in Krakow. Main Railway Station is located in the city center and is a short walk northeast of the Old Town.
      Taxis are available on the upper level above the platforms.

    • Via Car

    • Routes to the city: The north-south E77 links Cracow with Warsaw and Gdansk in the north and Zakopane and the Slovak border in the south. The eastwest E40 arrives from Lviv in Ukraine in the east and then goes west through Wroclaw and Katowice to Dresden in Germany (partly the A4 motorway). To the southwest, the Czech Republic is easily reached via the E75.
      Note: There are no free parking areas in the city center.

  • How to get to the Institute (IFJ PAN)

    • From Airport

    • You can take a bus number 208 and get off at the Bronowice Nowe bus stop and take a bus number 120, 238, 248, 258 (two bus stops).

    • From Main Railway Station

    • From the main Railway Station and Bus Station the Institute of Nuclear Phisics Polish Academy of Sciences (IFJ PAN) can be easily reached by public transport.

      • You can take a bus number 130 and get off at the final stop. Then take a bus number 173 (at the same stop) and get off at Motel Krak (two stops) see bus lines map.
      • You can take a bus number 208 or a tram number 4 or 13 and change from tram to bus number 173, 120, 238, 248, 258 or 172 at the Balicka Wiadukt stop (under the viaduct) and get off at Motel Krak (one bus stop) see tram lines map.


    For guest accomoddated in the Hotel in the city (at Garbarska Str.), we will provide shuttle bus from city center to the Institute IFJ PAN. On Sunday the bus will departure from the Hotel at 8:00 (due to the registration) and on Monday at 8:30.