Scientific topics of the conference:

  • Radioluminescence and scintillation mechanisms, energy transfer and storage in solid state optically (OSL) and thermally (TL) stimulated luminescence in solids
  • Physics and chemistry of luminescent materials for detectors and transformers of ionizing, radiation, technology and preparation methods
  • Defects and their role in material performance
  • Novel phenomena, energy transfer and storage in restricted geometries, nanophosphors, nanocomposites
  • New materials and preparation techniques
  • Application of scintillators and transformers of ionizing radiation for medical diagnostics, biological research and environmental studies
  • Application of luminescence materials in dosimetry of ionizing radiation including medical dosimetry, ion and cosmic-ray dosimetry, and homeland security dosimetry

The Conference sessions will concern:

  • Scintillation materials
  • Dosimetric materials
  • Storage and other phosphors
  • Material preparation and crystal growth
  • Luminescence mechanisms
  • Impurity, defects, traps
  • Novel concepts: methods, phenomena and materials
  • Applications of scintillators and transformers
  • Applications of luminescence materials in dosimetry of ionizing radiation
  • Natural dosemeters and retrospective dosimetry