WPCF 2008 program

Site: PAU, Krakow, Slawkowska 17

Wednesday, September 10th

19:00 - 22:00 Welcome supper (Dom Profesorski, Floriañska 49)

Thursday, September 11th

Morning session: Initial conditions, conveners: T. Csorgo (Budapest, chairman), T. Kodama (Rio de Janeiro)

9:00 A. Bialas Welcome address
9:10 T. Novak (Nijmegen/Budapest): Initial conditions, time evolution and BE correlations in e+e- annihilation - Final L3 results (25+5')
9:40 A. El (Frankfurt): Thermalization of partons from a CGC (25+5')
10:10 M. Chojnacki (Krakow): Early dynamics of transversally thermalized matter (25+5)
10:40 Coffee break
11:10 Y. Hama (Sao Paulo): Initial fluctuations and their effect on v2 and HBT (25+5')
11:40 A. Toia (Stony Brook/CERN): Direct photon spectra in Au+Au collisions at RHIC as measured by the PHENIX Collaboration (25+5')
12:10 M. Lisa (Ohio): Conservation Laws and the Multiplicity Evolution of Spectra at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (25+5')
12:40 T. Humanic (Ohio): Review on initial conditions that allow for a successful description of the RHIC data on spectra, v2 and (as)HBT (25+5')

Afternoon session: Hydrodynamical evolution, conveners: U. Heinz (Ohio), T. Hirano (Tokyo); chairman: W. Florkowski (Krakow)

15:00 S. Bass (Duke): Overview: 3D+1 ideal hydrodynamics and macro+micro models for hadron spectra, elliptic flow and jet quenching (35 + 10')
15:45 K. Dusling (Stony Brook): Overview: Status of viscous hydrodynamics (35 + 10')
16:30 Zhe Xu (Frankfurt): Thermalization and transport coefficients from parton cascades (20 + 5')
16:55 Coffee break
17:20 W. Broniowski (Krakow): Initial conditions for hydro: implications for phenomenology (20 + 5')
17:45 P. Bozek (Krakow): Relativistic viscous hydrodynamics for heavy-ion collisions (20 + 5')
18:10 F. Grassi (Sao Paulo): Fluctuations and initial state granularity in heavy ion collisions and their effects on spectra and elliptic flow from hydrodynamics (20 + 5')
18:35 J. Steinheimer (Frankfurt): Boltzmann + hydrodynamic approach (20 + 5')

Friday, September 12th

Morning session: Freeze-out, conveners: W.Broniowski (Krakow), B. Tomasik (Banska Bystrica, chairman)

9:00 A. Andronic (GSI): Energy dependence of the chemical freeze-out in central collisions (25+5')
9:30 J. Rafelski (Tucson): Resonances do not equilibrate (25+5')
10:00 Yu. Sinyukov (Kiev): Continuous emission vs sharp freeze-out: HBT at RHIC energies (25+5')
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 J. Knoll (GSI): Continuous decoupling and freeze-out (25+5')
11:30 K. Bugaev (Kiev/Frankfurt): Particle Freeze-out within the Self-Consistent Hydrodynamics (25+5')
12:00 G. Torrieri (McGill/Frankfurt): Freeze-out in heavy ion collisions by bulk viscosity triggered instabilities (25+5')

Afternoon session: Event-by-event fluctuations, conveners: H. Appelshauser (Frankfurt, chairman), V. Koch (Berkeley)

14:30 S. Mrowczynski (Kielce) Overview of event-by-event fluctuations (25+5')
15:00 A. Kisiel (Ohio) Event-by-event physics with ALICE (25+5')
15:30 B. Wosiek (Krakow) Event-by-event physics with PHOBOS (25+5')
16:00 J.T. Mitchell (BNL) Searching for the QCD Critical Point with Fluctuation and Correlation Measurements from PHENIX (25+5')

Evening session: Identical particle correlations, conveners: M. Lisa (Ohio, chairman), K. Zalewski (Krakow)

17:00 W. Florkowski (Krakow) Solution of the RHIC HBT puzzle (25+5')
17:30 G. Verde (Catania) Femtoscopy and dynamics in HIC at intermediate energies (25+5')
18:00 Y. Sinyukov (Kiev) Initial conditions and space-time scales in A+A collisions (25+5')
18:30 Z. Chajecki (Ohio) RHIC HBT in a larger context (25+5')
19:00 D. Antonczyk (GSI) Two pion correlations at SPS energies (25+5')

Saturday, September 13th

Morning session: Non-identical Particle Correlations, conveners: R. Lednicky (JINR) and J. Pluta (Warsaw, chairman)

9:00 R. Lednicky (JINR, Dubna): Advantages and problems in studies of nonidentical particle correlations (theoretical introduction) (25+5')
9:30 A. Kisiel (Ohio): Space-time picture of the source in heavy ion collisions from non-identical particle correlations (25+5')
10:00 H. Zbroszczyk (Warsaw): Proton femtoscopy in STAR (25+5')
10:30 M. Zawisza (Warsaw): Where is asymmetry in pion-proton femtoscopy? (25+5')
11:00 Coffee break
11:30 K. Mikhailov (ITEP,Moscow): Source size measurements in the e3He(4He)->e'pLambdaX (25+5')
12:00 A. Stavinskiy (ITEP,Moscow): Decay modes ratios for phi and omega mesons in heavy ion collisions (25+5')
12:30 P. Chaloupka (Praha): π-Ξ correlations: model comparision and Ξ(1530)-puzzle (25+5')

Afternoon session: Beyond gaussian source - complexity of the final state, conveners: P. Danielewicz (Michigan) and R. Lacey (Stony Brook), chairman: K. Zalewski (Krakow)

15:00 P. Danielewicz (MSU): Theoretical Aspects of Imaging (25+5')
15:30 M. Csanád (Eötvös University): Initial conditons, equations of state and final state in hydrodynamics (25+5')
16:00 Coffee break
16:30 E. De Filippo (Catania): Neck Emission Times from Three-Fragment Correlations (20+5')
17:00 H. Eggers (Stellenbosch): Application of the Gram Charlier Expansion to Correlations (20+5')

19:00 Dinner, Restaurant "Miód i wino", S³awkowska 32

Sunday, September 14th

Morning Session: Correlations, EoS, transport and other topics, convener: S. Pratt (Michigan), chairman: A. Bialas (Krakow)

9:00 Q.-F. Li (Frankfurt): HBT from URQMD (20+5')
9:25 S. Padula (Sao Paulo): Back-to-Back Correlations (20+5')
9:50 R. Maj (Kielce): Test of Bowler-Sinyukov Treatment of Coulomb Interaction (15+5')
10:10 Coffee break
10:40 G. Odyniec (Berkeley): Experimental approach to the QCD Phase Diagram (20+5')
11:05 D. Miskowiec (Krakow): Experiment-independent correlation analysis (20+5')
11:30 S. Pratt (Michigan): Extracting Bulk Properties of Quark Matter with Femtoscopy (15+5')
initial conditions
hydrodynamic evolution
identical particle correlations
non-identical particle correlations
event-by-event fluctuations
correlations, EoS, transport and other topics
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