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Research topics - Spectroscopy of neutron-rich nuclei

Spectroscopy of neutron-rich nuclei

Research Staff:

Rafał Broda (leader), Bogdan Fornal, Wojciech Królas, Tomasz Pawłat, Jacek Wrzesiński


Deep Inelastic Reactions, germanium multidetector gamma-ray arrays: GAMMASPHERE, GASP

Main research topics:

  • a) Neighborhood of doubly magic nucleus 208Pb:
    yrast structures involving particle-hole excitations across the neutron shell gap have been located in 208Pb , 208Bi and 210Bi nuclei; new isomers as well as yrast states, involving the octupole excitation coupled to the single particle states, have been identified in neutron-rich Tl isotopes.
  • b) Vicinity of doubly magic nucleus 48Ca:
    yrast excitations in neutron-rich Ti isotopes, with A ranging from 51 to 54, have been located - on the basis of these findings the shell closure at N=32 in neutron-rich nuclei has been confirmed; moderately high spin states have been identified in nuclei with one valence particle or hole with respect to the 48Ca core

Creation date : 08/01/2008 @ 12:14
Last update : 30/11/2017 @ 17:03
Category : Research topics
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