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Research topics - Hot nuclei and nuclei with exotic shapes

Hot nuclei and nuclei with exotic shapes

Research staff:

Adam Maj (leader) , Maria Kmiecik, Katarzyna Mazurek, P. Bednarczyk ,
oraz J. Styczeń, W. Meczynski , K. Zuber, J. Grebosz, M. Zieblinski



The gamma decay of the Giant Dipole Resonance (GDR), multi-detector arrays: HECTOR, EUROBALL, GARFIELD, ICARE.


Main problems studied:

a) The properties of hot nuclei from different mass regions.
The GDR width at high excitation energies for A~130.
The investigation of the effective shape of 216Rn nucleus at the angular momenta close to the fission barrier.
The liquid-gas phase transition (A ~100). The charge particle emission from 46Ti*.
b) Exotic shapes of nuclei.
The investigation of the "Jacobi shapes" for 46Ti* and 128Ba* nuclei.
The search of the hiperdeformation (A ~126). The properties of triaxial nuclei (A ~170).



Creation date : 08/01/2008 @ 12:14
Last update : 19/07/2013 @ 14:02
Category : Research topics
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