We are a group of experimental and theoretical physicists whose work involves understanding the impact of local and long-range structure on the magnetic, magnetotransport, electrical and optical properties of nanomaterials. We work mainly with metals and oxide materials which we fabricate in the form of thin films, coatings and nanoparticles. An important part of our activities is the development of unconventional nanopatterning methods such as nanosphere lithography (natural lithography), pulsed laser irradiation, anodization and direct interference laser lithography. We use these techniques to create new materials with unique properties that can be used in sensors, catalysis and information processing. We are mainly focused on magnetic materials, but with even greater attention we study nanosystems that simultaneously exhibit many interesting physical phenomena.

Thin films, magnetic anisotropy, nanoparticles, magnetotransport, multilayers, ablation, surface science, defects, patterning, pulsed laser irradiation, alloys, anodization, ion irradiation, nanosphere lithography, implantation, metal oxides

Department of Magnetic Materials and Nanostructures
ul. Radzikowskiego 152
31-342 Kraków, Poland