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Dr Yevhen Zabila was nominated for the prestigious award of Polish Smart Development Award 2018 under the patronage of Dr Alicja Adamczak, the President of Polish Patent Office. The nomination was granted for the project "Flexible magnetic field sensors integrated with strain gauge" in the category Innovative Young Scientific Leader.




On 3-6 July, we participated in the Multis conference (Multiscale phenomena in molecular matter) organized in our institute. Our group delivered two invited talks one contributed talk and six posters. We are happy to inform that Michal Krupinski has been awarded first prize in the contest for the best oral presentation during the conference.

Magnetic cooling by rotating molecular crystals? It is possible. For more detalis see our new article in Inorganic Chemistry.

Over the past few years, a significant interest in the study of molecular magnets in the form of thin films emerged. We are also interested in such materials, and below you can find our latest publication in this topic. We study the magnetic properties of Prussian blue analogues layers based on iron and chromium cyanides. In particular, we show how control of Fe and Cr concentration allows for tuning of the properties of the materials.

Our new article in IOP Nanotechnology.

International publisher Wiley VCH has published a book Molecular Magnetic Materials: Concepts and Applications edited by our long-term partners. The first chapter has been written by prof. M. Bałanda and dr hab. R. Pełka.

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