The research carried out in the Department of Theory of Structure of Matter belongs to the mainstream of the current international investigations performed in the physics of strong and weak interactions. In particular, we conduct extended research projects in particle physics, deep inelastic scattering, ultra-relativistic heavy-ion collisions, interactions of mesons, weak decays of hadrons, nuclear matter and structure of nucleons and nuclei.


Main research areas:

  • Relativistic heavy-ion collisions (W. Broniowski, W. Florkowski, R. Ryblewski),
  • QCD calculations and phenomenology (K. Golec-Biernat, T. Stebel),
  • Effective models of strong interactions (W. Broniowski),
  • Meson production, interactions and decays (L. Lesniak, R. Kaminski, P. Zenczykowski),
  • General relativity (T. Chmaj),


Department of Theory of Structure of Matter (NZ41) forms the Division of Theoretical Physics together with