History of the NZ52 Department

"The origins of the Institute of Nuclear Physics date back to 1955. The Institute was established thanks to the efforts of prof. Henry Nuclear Physics in Kraków-Bronowice as the II Division of the Warsaw Institute of Nuclear Sciences." Within the the Institute there was a Nuclear Spectroscopy Division, headed by prof. Dr. Andrew Hrynkiewicz. In this Department there were two laboratories: Laboratory of Nuclear Structure and the Laboratory Applied Spectroscopy. Research carried out in the laboratory increasingly had changed its profile and expanded in the direction of research in field called "life science". Structural changes in the IFJ PAN that occurred in November 2005, after the establishing of Scientific Branches caused the division of the Department of Nuclear Spectroscopy and the Department of Applied Spectroscopy, NZ52, has been came into being 1 January 2006 under the the Director IFJ Order No 31/2005 from 6th December 2005. His manager was former head of the Laboratory Assoc. Porf. Wojciech M. Kwiatek.

Research interests of the new Department and the techniques used continue to develop in the direction of biomedical research. Developing proton therapy at the Institute and construction of the Bronowice Cyclotron Center have become an inspiration to conduct intensified research on the effects of ionizing radiation on living matter and on understanding the reasons and cancerous process. Therefore, October 1, 2012, under the Director of IFJ PAN Order No. 14/2012 from 21st September 2012, the Department of Radiation and Environmental Biology has been joined to NZ52 Department which together formed the Department of Experimental Physics of Complex Systems at the forefront of which was the former head of the Department of Applied Spectroscopy prof. Wojciech M. Kwiatek. After the taken up by him function of Head of the Division of Interdisciplinary Research, NO5, from 1 January 2016 Assoc. Prof. Czesława Paluszkiewicz was appointed as head of the NZ52 Department. That day, from the Department of Experimental Physics of Complex Systems the Department of Biophysical Microcircuits has separated under Assoc. Prof M. Lekka. On August 1,2017, under the Director of IFJ PAN Order No. 22/2017 from July 13,2017, the existing Department of Physicochemistry of Ecosystems (NZ59) was joined into the NZ52 Department. Next step in the Department history was separation of Assoc. Prof. Jakub Szlachetko research group. On 1st November 2019, based on the Director of IFJ PAN Order No. 44/2019 from October 23,2019, the Department of Applied Spectroscopy (NZ53) was established.

Department of Applied Spectroscopy NZ52 – 2011. From the bottom left: Assoc. Prof. M. Lekka, Prof. W.M. Kwiatek, MSc Eng A. Wolska, MSc Eng E. Lipiec, MSc K. Pogoda, MSc J. Kowalska, MSc E. M. Dutkiewicz, PhD J. Bielecki, MSc Eng J. Czapla, J. Wiltowska-Zuber, D. Krzysztoń, PhD A. Wiecheć, Eng R. Hajduk, MSc M. Kopeć, PhD Z. Stachura, PhD J. Lekki, MSc Sz. Prauzner-Bechcicki.