Laboratory of vibrational microspectroscopy II

Laboratory of Spectroscopic FTIR Imaging is mainly engaged in methods of spectroscopic infrared imaging of inorganic and biological samples. There are two FTIR spectrometers:

  1. Fast imaging Nicolet spectrometer
  2. The spectrometer allows to do quick and accurate enough imaging of relatively large-spaced samples in both transmission and reflective modes, also has an ATR adapter . It is fully automated and is used for measurements on a large scale. It has three detectors, one of which is MCT detector.

    Fig. 1. Example capabilities of the Nicolet spectrometer . The measurement was made in a reflective mode using MCT detector. Picture shows contaminants on the surface of the coin (here 1740 cm-1) with a nominal value of 1 polish zł made in 2015. At a resolution of 4 cm-1, with 16 spectra averaged at the point, the measurement lasted four hours. Preliminary analysis, enabling evaluation of a quality of both results and the samples was performed on the test bench.

  3. Vertex 70v spectrometer along with Hyperion 3000 microscope, FPA detector and bolometer.
  4. The spectrometer has 3 detectors, 3 beam splitters , 5 different adapters and 2 sources of radiation. It can operate in a vacuum or under atmospheric pressure. It is used to perform measurements with high accuracy. Spectrometer has been integrated with microscope Hyperion 3000 with MCT detectors and FPA (64 x 64) detector.

    Fig. 2. The aortic valve on ZnSe window measured at the Hyperion microscope 3000. The measurement was performed in transmission mode by using the FPA detector with every 8 points of the FPA matrix averaged. Map shows the spectrum in full range obtained immediately after the measurement, which lasted 12 hours.