Organizing and co-organizing meetings, conferences and trips

Date Event

22-27 July 2018 17 International Conference on X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure 22-27.07.2018, Kraków, Poland
19 April 2018 XFELs for beginners, IFJ PAN Cracow, Poland
22-27 May 2017 LII Zakopane School of Physics, 22-27.05.2015, Zakopane, Poland
26-27 September 2016 1st European Forum on Nanoscale Spectroscopy, Cracow, Poland, Institute of Nuclear Physics PAN
5-6 September 2016 Raman NanoSpectroscopy Workshop, 5-6th of September 2016, Kraków, Poland
8th July 2016 "International workshop on Mechanisms of Cellular Injury by Protons"
18-23 May 2015 50. Zakopane School of Physics