2018 articles

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  2. P.S. Iyer, L.Mavoungou, F.Ronzoni, J.Zemla, E.Schmid-Siegert, S.Antonini, O.Dorchies, M.Jaconi, M.Lekka, G.Messina, N.Mermod – Autologous cell therapy approach for Duchenne muscular dystrophy using PiggyBac transposons and mesoangioblasts – Molecular Therapy 26(4)(2018)1093-1108. IF = 6.828 (40 pkt)

  3. J.Zemła, J.Danilkiewicz, B.Orzechowska, J.Pabijan, S. Seweryn, M.Lekka – Atomic force microscopy as a tool for assessing the cellular elasticity and adhesiveness to identify cancer cells and tissues – Seminars in Cell and Developmental Biology 3(2018)115-124. IF = 6.124 (40 pkt)

  4. Y.Stetsyshyn, J.Raczkowska, O.Lishchynskyi, K.Awsiuk, J.Zemła, P.Dąbczyński, A.Kostruba, K.Harhay, H.Ohar, B.Orzechowska, Y. Panchenko, A.Budkowski – Glass transition in temperature-responsive poly(butyl metacrylate) grafted polymer brushes. Impact of thickness and temperature on wetting and morphology, cell growth – Journal of Materials Chemistry B 6(2018)1613-1621. IF = 4.587 (35 pkt)

  5. B.Orzechowska, J.Pabijan, J.Wiltowska-Zuber, J.Zemła, M.Lekka – Fibroblasts change spreading capability and mechanical properties in a direct interaction with keratinocytes in conditions mimicking wound healing – Journal of Biomechanics 74(2018)134-142. IF = 3.004 (35 pkt)

  6. J.Zemła, T.Stachura, I.Gross-Sondej, K.Górka, K.Okoń, G.Pyka-Fościak, J.Soja, K.Sładek, M.Lekka – AFM-based nanomechanical characterization of bronchoscopic samples in asthma patients – Journal of Molecular Recognition 31(2018)e2751. IF = 2.175 (25 pkt)

  7. A. Stylianou, M. Lekka, T. Stylianopoulos – AFM assesing of nanomechanical fingerprints for cancer early diagnosis and classification: from single cell to tissue level – Nanoscale 10(2018)20930-20945. IF = 7.233 (40 pkt)

  8. K.Makyła-Juzak, A. Chachaj-Brekiesz, P. Dynarowicz-Łątka, P. Dąbczyński, J. Zemła – The effect of dextran sulfate - as model glycosaminoglycan analogue - on membrane lipids: DPPC, cholesterol and DPPC-cholesterol mixture. The monolayed study – Journal of Membrane Biology 251(2018)641-651. IF = 1.638 (20 pkt)

  9. J. Raczkowska, S. Prauzner-Bechcicki – Discrimination between HCV29 and T24 by controlled proliferation of cells co-cultured on substrates with different elasticity – Journal of Mechanical Behaviour of Biomedical Materials 88(2018)217-222. IF = 3.569 (35 pkt)

  10. S. Prauzner-Bechcicki, J. raczkowska, J. Rysz, J. Wiltowska-Zuber, J. Pabijan, M. Marzec, A. Budkowski, M. Lekka – Adaptability of single melanoma cells to surfaces with distinct hydrophobicity and roughness – Applied Surface Science 457(2018)881-890. IF = 3.743 (35 pkt)

  11. I.U. Ahad, J. Pabijan, K. Pogoda, C. Hughes, A. Bartnik, H. Fiedorowicz, M. Lekka, D. Brabazon – Modification of polymer substrates with extreme ultraviolet – potential applications in cancer cell indetification – Acta Physica Polonica A 133(4)(2018)283–285. IF = 0.540 (15 pkt)