8th International Workshop on Biomedical Applications of MRI and MRS
16-18 September 2015
Cracow, Poland

List of Speakers

Jim Delikatny, Philadelphia, USA
Multimodality Imaging of Tumor Lipid Metabolism.

Dominik von Elverfeldt, Freiburg, Germany
Diffusion tensor imaging and fibre tracking in the mouse.

Michał Fiedorowicz, Warsaw, Poland
Quantitative in vivo manganese enhanced magnetic resonance imaging for evaluation of axonal transport in the mouse visual pathway.

Franciszek Hennel, Zurich, Switzerland
Simultaneous MRI of multiple slices.

Uwe Himmelreich, Leuven, Belgium
MRI and MRS for the identification of pathogens in models of infectious diseases.

Piotr Kozłowski, Vancouver, Canada
Quantitative MRI in prostate cancer diagnosis.

Piotr Kulinowski, Kraków, Poland
MRI as a tool for quantitative assessment of pharmaceutical dosage form hydration.

Alex MacKay, Vancouver, Canada
Brain as a model tissue for relaxation studies?

Katerina Makarova, Warsaw, Poland
Chemometric analyses of rat 1H spectra quantification at 7T: preliminary results.

Ludovico Minati, Milan, Italy
Could networked electronic chaotic oscillators be a useful analogy of collective brain dynamics?

Harald Möller, Leipzig, Germany
High-resolution MRI of blood volume changes related to neural activity in the human brain.

Francesco Moneta, Claudia Oerther, Ettlingen, Germany
Trends in Preclinical MRI development.

Mihaela Onu, Bucharest, Romania
Can resting state fMRI shed a light on the brain changes in Parkinson's disease?

Igor Serša, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Current Density Imaging and its Applications.

Martin Uecker, Berkeley, USA
Computational Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Maria Sokół, Gliwice, Poland
NMR-based metabolomics in cancer studies.

Greg Stanisz, Toronto, Canada
Microbiom & Brain – Changes in Brain Metabolites after Microbiotic Diet.

Markus Weiger, Zurich, Switzerland
Short-T2 MRI with zero echo time.

Peter Vermathen, Bern, Switzerland
Ex vivo HR-MAS NMR of biological tissues and potential benefit for in vivo MRS.

Fabian Zimmer, Heidelberg, Germany
Pulsed Arterial Spin Labelling at Ultra-High Field.

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Organizing Committee

Barbara Błasiak
Katarzyna Byk
Henryk Figiel (Honorary Chairman)
Krzysztof Jasiński
Katarzyna Kalita
Piotr Kulinowski
Maria Noga (Secretary)
Zbigniew Olejniczak
Anna Orzyłowska
Weronika Piędzia
Wojciech Rutkowski
Tomasz Skórka
Bogusław Tomanek (V-Chairman)
Urszula Tyrankiewicz
Władysław Węglarz (Chairman)
Grzegorz Woźniak