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Maria Noga

Dr hab. Władysław P. Węglarz Conference Organizer

9th Kraków Workshop on Novel Applications of Imaging and Spectroscopy
in Medicine, Biology and Material Sciences
21-23 September, 2017
Kraków, Poland

List of Speakers

Gilles Allenbach, Lausanne, Switzerland
Micro-PET/CT in translational medicine, examples from brain and cardiac Imaging.

Andreas Berg, Vienna, Austria
MR-µ-imaging for 3-dimensional dosimetry in radiation tumor therapy: Recent results on photon needle beams.

Barbara Błasiak, Krakow, Poland
Molecular imaging of cancer in animal models.

Karol Borkowski, Krakow, Poland
Analysis and correction of errors in DTI caused by diffusion gradient inhomogeneity.

Moritz Braig, Freiburg, Germany
Cardio vascular phase contrast imaging in mice.

Guilhem Collier, Sheffield, UK
Recent advances and clinical applications of pulmonary MR imaging with hyperpolarized gases.

Mathias Davids, Heidelberg, Germany
Predicting Magnetostimulation Thresholds in the Peripheral Nervous System using Realistic Body Models.

Tim Devling, München, Germany
Optoacoustic Imaging: A multiscale technique for functional, molecular and anatomical imaging in animals and man.

Przemysław Dorożyński, Warsaw, Poland
MRI in development of drug delivery systems - what are we looking for and why?

Lenka Dvořáková, Brno, Czech Republic
MR diffusion tensor imaging and evaluation of rat spinal cord injury.

Michał Fiedorowicz, Warsaw, Poland
Magnetic resonance techniques in preclinical studies of glaucoma-related neurodegeneration.

Julien Flament, Paris, France
Metabolic Imaging in Neurodegenerative Disease using CEST-MRI.

Stefan Gaździński, Mariusz Wylezol, Warsaw, Poland,
Structural and Metabolic Changes in the Brains of Morbidly Obese Patients: Effects of Weight Loss Induced by Intragastric Balloon.

Bartosz Głowacz, Krakow, Poland,
Jagiellonian-PET MR compatibile technology for dual-modality imaging.

Franciszek Hennel, Zurich, Switzerland
An optical view on super-resolution MRI.

Krzysztof Kłodowski, Krakow, Poland
Clinical application of the b-matrix spatial distribution diffusion tensor imaging.

Piotr Kozłowski, Vancouver, Canada
Myelin Water Imaging in spinal cord tissue.

Grzegorz Kwiatkowski, Zurich, Switzerland
Dissolution Dynamic Nuclear Polarization of 13C as a tool to study cardiac metabolism in small animals.

Alex MacKay, Vancouver, Canada
How to measure T2 in brain ?

Harald Möller, Leipzig, Germany
Water relaxation and diffusion in brain tissue: Some lessons learned from histology.

Zbynek Novy, Olomouc, Czech Republic
Labelled peptides for PET/CT and fluorescence imaging of tumors and infection in preclinical research.

Claudia Oerther, Ettlingen, Germany
Preclinical PET/MR: Adding color to your shades of grey.

Anna Orzyłowska, Lublin, Poland
CEST and MRS for the Evaluation of Brain Metabolic Response to Probiotic Diet in Animal Model of Depressive Disorders.

Tadeusz Pałasz, Krakow, Poland
MRI with Hyperpolarized Xenon.

Maria Sokół, Gliwice, Poland
1H NMR- and 1H MAS NMR-based metabolomics in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma and in thyroid cancer.

William M Spees, St. Louis, USA
Dynamic Diffusion MRI Signal Changes Accompany Electrical Activity in Myelinated Axons.

Greetje Vande Velde, Leuven, Belgium
Bones and far beyond: The versatility of micro-computed tomography for preclinical research applications.

Peter Vermathen, Bern, Switzerland
Ex vivo NMR of biological material and potential benefit for in vivo MRS and MRI. New results.

Peter Van Zijl, Baltimore, USA
Molecular Imaging using CEST MRI.

Jens Waldeck, Ettlingen, Germany
Multimodal Optical Imaging in Preclinical Studies.

Władyslaw Węglarz, Krakow, Poland
High Field ZTE MRI of rocks.

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PAN Bruker
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Organizing Committee

Artur Birczyński
Barbara Błasiak
Katarzyna Byk
Krzysztof Jasiński
Katarzyna Kalita
Katarzyna Korga
Zdzisław Lalowicz
Maria Noga (Secretary)
Zbigniew Olejniczak
Wojciech Rutkowski
Tomasz Skórka
Władysław Węglarz (Chairman)