10th Kraków Workshop on Novel Applications of Imaging and Spectroscopy
in Medicine, Biology and Material Sciences
23-25 September, 2019
Kraków, Poland

List of speakers

Barbara Błasiak, Krakow, Poland
Molecular Imaging of Cancer using Targeted Contrast Agents

Khanlian Chung, Heidelberg, Germany
Adaptive cone beam scan trajectories for interventional applications

Guilhem Collier, Sheffield, UK
MRI and MRS of dissolved hyperpolarized xenon-129

Jim Delikatny, Philadelphia, USA
Translating Optical Molecular Imaging

Przemysław Dorożyński, Warsaw, Poland

Michał Fiedorowicz, Warsaw, Poland
Multimodal imaging for preclinical evaluation of tumors induced by renal cell carcinoma stem-like cells

Stefan Gaździński, Warsaw, Poland
Structural Gray Matter Abnormalities in Morbidly Obese Patients with Type 2 Diabetes and their Recovery with Intragastric Balloon Treatment

Iwona Habina-Skrzyniarz, Kraków, Poland
Low Field NMR Relaxometry of poly(sodium acrylate)/sodium silicate hydrogels

Franciszek Hennel, Zurich, Switzerland
Fast MRI with extreme field gradients

Krzysztof Jasiński, Kraków, Poland
The neurochemical profile of anorexic rats

Dorde Komljenovic, Heidelberg, Germany
Ultra-high field MR imaging in preclinical oncology

Piotr Kozłowski, Vancouver, Canada
Quantitative MRI in clinically relevant models of spinal cord injury

Artur Krzyżak, Kraków, Poland
Practical aspects of applying the Generalized Stejskal-Tanner equation to MRI

Grzegorz Kwiatkowski, Zurich, Switzerland
Accelerated MRI for robust quantification of cardiac perfusion in small animals

Natalia Łopuszyńska, Kraków, Poland
Visualization of the distribution of 19F nuclei in Nafion loaded theranostic nanocapsules with the 3D Ultra-Short Echo Time pulse sequence at 9.4T

Alex MacKay, Vancouver, Canada
Investigating the entire NMR signal from brain

Harald Möller, Leipzig, Germany
PROspective Baseline Enhancement (PROBE): An Efficient and Versatile Editing Scheme for CEST

Arno Nauerth, Ettlingen, Germany
Self-Gated Cardiac PET/MR

Thoralf Niendorf, Berlin, Germany
Progress in Fluorine (19F) Magnetic Resonance: Technical Developments and Application in Disease Models

Anna Nikodem, Wrocław, Poland

Claudia Oerther, Ettlingen, Germany
Preclinical ultra-highfield MRI

Anna Orzyłowska, Lublin, Poland
7T 1H MRS for detection of immediate cerebral response to probiotic treatment in rat model of depressive disorder

Tadeusz Pałasz, Kraków, Poland
MRI of lungs with hyperpolarized noble gases (3He, 129Xe)

Niels Schwaderlapp, Freiburg, Germany
Optogenetic-fMRI in experimental temporal lobe epilepsy

Igor Serša, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Magnetic Resonance Microscopy of Blood Clots

Maria Sokół, Gliwice, Poland
NMR-based metabolomics in the evaluation of low-dose radiation cardiotoxicity

Frantisek Spoutil, Prague, Czech Republic
MicroCT for high throughput mouse phenotyping

Greg Stanisz, Toronto, Canada
Early Evaluation of Cancer Therapy Using CEST & MT

Zenon Starčuk, Brno, Czech Republic
Fingerprinting for MR spectroscopy

Oliver Štrbák/Dušan Dobrota, Martin, Slovakia
Comparative MRI of Magnetoferritin as a Pathological Model System of Native Ferritin

Magdalena Tomanik, Wrocław, Poland
Analysis of subchondral bone porosity for biomimetic scaffold design

Martin Uecker, Göttingen, Germany
Model-Based Reconstruction Methods for Accelerated Quantitative MRI

David Viertl/John Prior, Lausanne, Switzerland
MicroPET/CT-based internal radiation dosimetry of a 152Tb-labeled antibody in tumor-bearing mice

Jens Waldeck, Ettlingen, Germany
Non-destructive in vivo and ex vivo insights into biological nano-structures via X-ray based microscopy and CT

Astrid Wietelmann, , Bad Nauheim, Germany
Cardiac MRI of Model Species Smaller than Mice

Władyslaw Węglarz, Krakow, Poland

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Organizing Committee

Artur Birczyński
Barbara Błasiak
Krzysztof Jasiński
Zdzisław Lalowicz
Natalia Łopuszyńska
Maria Noga (Secretary)
Zbigniew Olejniczak
Wojciech Rutkowski
Władysław Węglarz (Chairman)