Department of Physicochemistry of Ecosystems

The Henryk Niewodniczański Institute of Nuclear Physics

Polish Academy of Sciences

Radzikowskiego Str. 152; PL-31342 Kraków, Poland

tel. +48(0)12 662 84 59 / 12 662 83 45;   fax. +48(0)12 622 84 58



  • GC-MS system: gas chromatograph 6890N equipped with mass selective detevtor (5975),ECD and FPD detectors
  • Two gas chromatographs Fisons GC8000 equipped with ECD and PD-HID detectors
  • Gas chromatograph Shimadzu GC-17A equipped with TCD detector
  • Thermal desorber UNITY (MARKES int.))
  • Devices supporting SPE/TD, SPME and Head Space extraction techniques
  • Numerous supplementary equipment (Valco, Agilent, Varian, Supelco, Restek)

GC/MS system for analyses of volatile organic compounds in breath.


GC system for chlorinated compounds measurements in the atmosphere.


GC system for chlorinated compounds measurements in water.


GC system for Ne, Ar and N2 measurements in water.


system for He measurements in water.