Department of Radiation Transport Physics NZ61

Research topics

Interaction of nuclear radiation with matter

  • Work on the engineering design of the accelerator based neutron source laboratory IFMIF-DONES (DEMO Oriented Neutron Source) – part of the EUROfusion collaboration.
  • Conceptual and engineering design of the Start-up and Monitoring Module (STUMM) for IFMIF-DONES – to be used for the characterization of the neutron flux and validation of neutronics modelling. 
  • Conceptual design of the Facility for Complementary Experiments at IFMIF-DONES.
  • Monte Carlo modelling of radiation dose maps for selected rooms and areas within IFMIF-DONES laboratory during beam-on operation as well as during maintenance periods. 
  • Activation studies of ITER materials: theoretical predictions of activation of structural materials planned for ITER, irradiation of samples in JET tokamak, measurements of irradiated samples and analysis of activation data.
  • Neutronics modelling of radiation fields generated by neutron sources and modelling of the response function of neutron detectors including the effects of the environment and other anomalies. 
  • Modelling of the primary and secondary neutron spectra at the Plasma Focus PF-24 and Fast Neutron Generator IGN-14 sources, tests of CVD diamond detectors and scintillation detectors to be used in neutron spectrometers at fusion devices such as High Resolution Neutron Spectrometer (HRNS) for ITER.
  • Monte Carlo modelling of radiation dose rates for the COMPASS-U tokamak upgrade – in collaboration with IPP Praha. 

Hot plasma diagnostics  

  • Application of CVD diamond detectors for neutron and charged ion spectroscopy to be used for measurements of radiation emitted from hot D-D and D-T plasma in work conditions typical for tokamak devices. 
  • Participation in the design of diagnostics systems for ITER – High Resolution Neutron Spectrometer (HRNS), Radial Neutron Camera (RNC). 
  • Studies of fast plasma discharges generated in the Plasma Focus PF-24 device, design of a measurement system for imaging of the D-D plasma discharges based on detection of 2.45 MeV neutrons and associated X-ray emission. 
  • Design of the X-ray imaging methods (soft X-ray and hard X-ray) for plasma reconstruction in fusion devices aimed at the studies of impurity transport in plasma core – part of the EUROfusion Medium-Sized Tokamaks work package, in collaboration with Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik, Garching (ASDEX tokamak) and École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (TCV tokamak).
  • Devising of high resolution neutron spectroscopy methods for ITER aimed at determining the parameters of hot plasma, such as the ration of DD and DT neutrons dependent on the D-T fuel composition. 
  • Design of neutron diagnostics systems for COMPASS-U tokamak upgrade – in collaboration with IPP Praha. 

Institute of Nuclear Physics 

Polish Academy of Sciences

ul. Radzikowskiego 152

31-342 Kraków, Polska

Department of Radiation Transport Physics




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