PRESS: PRoton thErapy research SeminarS
(Nov 24 2017)

PRESS: Research seminar on leading proton radiotherapy research projects in Europe for students and researchers. Afternoon seminar session will take place on Nov 24, 2017 at IFJ PAN in the Main Lecture Hall (how to get). Start: 1:00pm.

J-PET Labs open doors: 9:00am-12:00pm at Jagiellonian University Division of Nuclear Physics (Pawel Moskal Research Group labs: link)

Seminar programme
  1. Introduction:
    Proton Radiotherapy (P. Olko)
    Proton Radiotherapy in Krakow (R. Kopec)
  2. Physical and biological range uncertainties in proton radiotherapy – A. Rucinski research projects
  3. Fast dose deposition calculation for proton therapy – Fred (A. Schiavi/A. Rucinski)
  4. The MoVe-IT project: an overview (E. Scifoni)
  5. Nuclear fragmentation and Particle Therapy: the FOOT experiment (V.Patera)
  6. Range monitoring in proton and ion therapy (Inside/Dose Profiler projects – G. Battistoni)
  7. Secondary neutrons in particle therapy: the Mondo project (M. Marafini)
  8. Jagiellonian-PET (P. Moskal)
  9. Proton imaging (I. Rinaldi)
  10. Visit of CCB proton centre & J-PET labs (~17:30)