Proton irradiation

60 MeV proton irradiation station at the AIC-144 cyclotron facility

We offer:

  • max. 60 MeV proton beam from the AIC-144 cyclotron
  • broad range of beam energies and intensities
  • short service terms
  • precise dosimetry
  • technical support

Irradiation lines:

  • Precise sample positioning (lasers, X-rays)
  • Proton energies: 0-60 MeV
  • Beam currents: up to 100 nA
  • Dose rates: up to 10 Gy/s
  • Fluence up to 10^13 p/cm^2

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Department of Radiation Research and Proton Therapy

Institute of Nuclear Physics PAN

ul. Radzikowskiego 152

31-342 Kraków, Poland