Head of the Department: Prof. Paweł Bilski
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In progress:

Research project NCN OPUS ST9,
"Investigation of cosmic radiation exposure of astronauts during a flight to the Moon orbit - participation in the MARE experiment in the frame of the Artemis-1 mission", PM P. Bilski, 2021 - 2024;

Research project NCN PRELUDIUM ST5,
"The influence of temperature on the photoluminescence of lithium fluoride crystals", PM M. Sankowska, 2021 - 2023;

Research project NCN OPUS ST8,
"Advanced scintillation and thermoluminescence detectors based on the epitaxial structures of garnet and orthosilicate compounds", project implemented as part of a consortium, INP PM P. Bilski, 2019 - 2022;

Research project NCN OPUS ST10,
"Verification of fundamental rules of luminescence dating - the dose-rate effect and alternative models of radiative excitation", project implemented as part of a consortium, INP PM P. Bilski, 2019 - 2022;

Project FNP Homing/2017-4/38,
"High precision spatial radiation dosimetry based on optically stimulated luminescence", PM M. Sądel, 2018 - 2021;

Research project NCN OPUS ST8,
"Dual method of measurement of ionizing radiation doses in real time based on high sensitive luminescence crystals", PM B. Marczewska, 2017 - 2021;

International research project EUROFUSION EU Horizon 2020,
"Experiments for neutron transport & activation code validation NEXP", polish coordinator Barbara Obryk, 2014 - 2020

Completed (since 2014)

Research project NCN OPUS ST8,
"Novel scintillating screens based on the single crystalline films of mixed perovskite and oxide compounds", project implemented as part of a consortium, INP PM P. Bilski, 2017 - 2020;

Research activity NCN MINIATURA-2,
"High-sensitive luminescent crystals based on mixed perovskites and oxides prepared by micro-pulling-down method", PM W. Gieszczyk, 2018 - 2019;

Research project NCN OPUS ST8,
"Lithium fluoride crystals - growth, optimization and investigation of luminescence, for novel method of detection and micro-imaging of ionizing radiation", PM P. Bilski, 2016 - 2019;

Research project MNiSW Iuventus Plus,
"High-sensitivity luminescent ionizing radiation detectors based on lithium-magnesium phosphate grown by the Micro Pulling Down technique", PM W. Gieszczyk, 2015 - 2017;

Research project NCN PRELUDIUM ST8,
"The luminescent properties of Al2O3 crystals obtained by Micro-Pulling-Down Method", PM D. Kulig,
2015 - 2017;

Research project MNiSW Iuventus Plus,
"Analysis and modeling of the kinetics of luminescence processes in crystals grown by the Micro-Pulling-Down method", PM A. Kilian (Twardak), 2015 - 2016;

Research project NCN SONATA ST2,
"Newly discovered phenomenon of high-dose high-temperature lithium fluoride thermoluminescent emission: investigation of th mechanism and application to LHC measurements", PM B. Obryk, 2014 - 2017;

Research project NCN HARMONIA ST9,
"Dose Distribution inside the International Space Station - DOSIS 3D", PM P. Bilski, 2013-2016;

Research project NCN OPUS ST5,
"Novel luminescence crystals obtained by Micro-Pulling-Down method for measurements of ionizing radiation doses: growth and characterization of properties", PM B. Marczewska, 2013-2016;

Research project NCN PRELUDIUM ST8,
"Luminescent detectors of ionizing radiation based on silicate crystals", PM A. Kilian (Twardak), 2013-2015;

Research project NCBiR Applied Research Program,
"Modular luminescence system for radiation protection and retrospective dosimetry", PM P. Bilski, 2012-2016;

Research project NCN OPUS ST2,
"Efficiency of luminescent detectors to protons in measurements of the cosmic radiation doses on the Earth orbit and in accelerator beam dosimetry", PM P. Bilski, 2011-2014;

Strategic research project “Technologies supporting the development of safe nuclear power”,
Research Task „Development of dosimetric methods for high doses in mixed radiation fields using luminescence detectors", PM P. Bilski, 2011-2014