FTIR Spectrometer Digilab FTS3000 Excalibur

The Digilab Excalibur FTS 3000 is a family of FTIR spectrometers based on Digilab's proprietary Permatrac dynamically aligned Michelson interferometer, offering upgrade abilities. The Excalibur system utilize a USB interface. The Excalibur FTS 3000 is a reliable and easy to use.

Technical data:

Temperature range: (15 - 400) °K
Resolution: 0.25 cm-1
Spectral Range/Beamsplitter: Mid-IR/KBr (7.800 - 375 cm-1)
Source: Ceramic air-cooled
Detector: DTGS
Sample Compartment Dimensions
wide x deep x high:
22.9 x 25.4 x 19.1 cm; 9 x 10 x 7.5 in
Infrared Power: 40 mW at the sample


Study of the phase transformations of molecular crystals and liquid crystals.

Department in which the equipment is in use:

Department of Soft Matter Research (NZ35)