Radiochemical laboratories, two of III class, one of II class

Technical data:

Laboratories of equipped with chemicals hoods including ceramic and plastic ones, hot plates, analytical and technical balances, centrifuges, racks for ion-exchange chromatography and microwave digesting systems.

Fig. .1. Analytical and technical balances (left), centrifuge (right) in laboratory class III (Building 2)

Fig. 2. Microwave digestions systems in laboratory class III (Building 2)

Fig. 3. A set-up for presurised ion exchange chromatography in Building 6

Fig. 4. Modern chemical hoods (plastic and plastic-ceramics) in radiochemical laboratory of class III in Building 6

Fig. 5. General view on radiochemical laboratory class II (Building 1)

Laboratory in which the equipment is in use:

Buildings 1,2 and 6, Department of Nuclear Physical Chemistry (NZ64)