Whole Body Spectrometer (WBC)

Ortec, Canberra, Institute of Occupation Medicine (Łódź), IFJ PAN

Technical data:

Spectrometer is equipped with two HPGe detectors by Ortec with 30% efficiency each and one large NaI detector (5 inch diameter). Electronics by Canberra (USA), spectra aquisition using MCA Multiport II.
Shield was made in 1963 at Institute of Occupation Medicine in Łódź from 19th Century steel (17 tonn). In 2008 it was moved to IFJ PAN. Commissioned with new detection system in 2010.

Fig. 1. WBC shield from outside (closed).

Fig. 2. Inside of WBC during assembling of detectors in 2010.


Determination of radionuclides traces inside human body.

Laboratory in which the equipment is in use:

Building 5, Department of Nuclear Physical Chemistry (NZ64)