Two high efficiency aerosol samplers ASS-500 and HVS-30

Technical data:

Aerosol Sampling Station, by CLOR Warszawa (1990), deeply modified at Institute in 2001

Three-phase electric engine with centrifugal compressor, flow rate up to 900 m3/h
Infrared lamp, membrane flow-rate meter "VORTEX"
Provision for installing of double cartridge for gaseous iodine trapping on charcoal below regular aerosol filter

High Volume Sampler, prod. Atmoservice, Poznań, 2002

Portable, flow rate stabilized at 30 m3/h, PM-2.5 and PM-10 collection systems available

Fig. 1. Double cartridge for gaseous iodine trapping.


Constant sampling of ground level aerosols on Petryanov FPP-15-1.5 air filters. Weekly basis. Low background gamma ray spectrometry are used for determination of radioisotopic composition in dust, in quantitative (in Bq/m3) as well as qualitative way. Besides own ASS-500 at the Institute there are operating instruments, which belongs to Polish environmental radioactivity monitoring system: another ASS-500 sampler and PMS station. They are property of PAA and CLOR. In radiometric ground there is also a precipitation collector with active area of 2,2 m2.

Fig. 2. Radiometric ground at IFJ PAN. Visible are: two ASS-500, PMS, precipitation collector, meteorological box and small auxiliary building.

Laboratory in which the equipment is in use:

Radiometric ground at front of Building 6, Environmental Radioactivity Laboratory, Department of Nuclear Physical Chemistry (NZ64)