Facility for high-temperature crystals growth by micro-pulling down (µ-PD) and Czochralski methods

Technical Data:

Manufacturer: CYBERSTAR
Start-up: 2011 (upgrade 2014)
Heating: inductive
Generator power: 20 kW
Frequency: 5 – 15 kHz
Growth methods: micro-pulling down (µ-PD), Czochralski
Growth conditions: vacuum (up to ~ 3 x 10-6 bar) or any other gaseous atmosphere
Maximum temperature: >2000°C
Thermal isolation: Al2O3 or ZrO2:Mg
Growth rate: from 0.01 mm/h up to 99.99 mm/min (in reality, up to several mm/min)
Rotation rate: from 0.1 to 99.9 rev/min
The device is equipped with a system of an automatic crystal growth process control


The device is designed for a high-temperature single crystal growth by micro-pulling down (µ-PD) and Czochralski methods.

Device location:

Department of Radiation Physics and Dosimetry (NZ63)