MR imaging research system 4.7 T

Bruker (Germany); 2001

Technical Data:

MR research imager for small animals (rat & mouse) based on two-channel digital spectrometer (MARAN DRX) and 4.7 T/310 mm superconductive magnet (Bruker). The tomograph is equipped with high efficiency gradient amplifiers (Copley) with three sets of gradient coils of ID's 60 mm (500 mT/m), 90 mm (750 mT/m), 210 mm (180 mT/m), RF coils, and animal handling system (anesthesia, temperature stabilization, monitoring of the animal function during experiments).


It is used for in vivo animal and human studies. (See also )

Department in which the equipment is in use:

Department of Magnetic Resonance Imaging