Alpha and gamma spectrometry tracks dedicated to radiochemical studies

Ortec & Canberra (electronics, alpha detectors), IFJ Kraków (germanium detectors), JINR Dubna

Technical data:

Two gamma rays spectrometers with coaxial germanium detectors (HPGe, home made):
  1. 1. 4% efficiency, passive shield of 5 cm lead, Amplifier Ortec 659 , HV Supply Ortec 572A.
  2. 2. 9 % efficiencyi,passive shield of 5 cm lead, Amplifier Canberra 2022, HV Supply Canberra 3106D.
Two alpha spectrometers equipped with Ortec detectors:
  1. 1. Ortec Soloist
  2. 2. A prototype build in JINR Dubna with Amplifier and HV Supply Polon 1904.
All four tracks (alpha and gamma) are connected to MCA Ortec Ethernim 919e.

Fig. 1. Alpha spectrometers and electronics of gamma spectrometers dedicated to radiochemical studies.


Qualitative and quantitative analyses of gamma and alpha emitters in development and tests of various radiochemical procedures and other radiochemical works.

Laboratory in which the equipment is in use:

Radiochemical Laboratory class II , Building 2, Department of Nuclear Physical Chemistry (NZ64)