The scope of work carried out under supervision of DAI engineers

Cooling Systems

The works concerned cooling systems of calorimeters, nuon chambers, the inner detector and general purpose. In partcular they included:

  • design of the systems and their installation and commissioning in the experimental hall,
  • installation of pipes connecting the refrigeration units with the detectors,
  • upgrade of the evaporative cooling system (replacement of compressors, pipes and modernization of control valve stations).

Gas systems

The works concerned gas systems for the muon chambers and the inner detector. They included:

  • assembly of manifolds inside the detectors,
  • assembly of more than 5000 valves,
  • connection of the valves with control boxes,
  • connection of the valves with the detectors

After starting the experiment, research and development works on the cooling system using other refrigerants began. DAI engineers were involved in the design of the carbon dioxide cooling test stand. The goal was to make a standard test stand that could be easily modified to meet the needs of all interested groups.

Project management at DAI:

J. Godlewski




2007 – 2016
2017 – 2021