2008 – 2009

The scope of work carried out at DAI and under supervision of DAI engineers

Russian laboratories produced single scintillation counters of the SMRD detector. Then, the counters were combined into bigger units called modules. DAI participated to construction of the modules and also to their installation inside the T2K magnet.

In particular, we developed design of the modules, a system stabilizing position of the modules inside the magnet and procedures for installation/uninstallation of the modules with signal cables in slits of the magnet.

The design, the stabilizing system and installation/uninstallation procedures of the modules were verified by means of a simple and cheap magnet mockup also developed at DAI. The mockup enabled both the horizontal and vertical orientations of the magnet slits.

All tooling and mechanical components necessary for assembly of 440 modules, their stabilization and installation in the magnet were made in Poland in 2008. All modules were assembled and installed under supervision of DAI engineers till mid of 2009 at J-PARC, Japan.

DAI was also involved in the initial phase of work on the SMRD ambient temperature equalization system.

Project management at DAI:

M. Stodulski

Project timeline

2008 (January)

Building the magnet mockup, developing of the: module design, method for stabilizing the module location, method for installing modules in a magnet verified on the mockup, producing components for the module assembly and tools for their installation.

2009 (June)

Sending components and tools to J-PARC, developing a cable routing method during module installation, training people and installing modules in the magnet.


T2K Experiment

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