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The scope of work carried out under supervision of DAI employees

The International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) is a project dedicated to the design and construction of a deuterium-tritium fusion reactor in order to demonstrate the scientific and technical feasibility of the practical use of thermonuclear fusion to generate electricity. The thermonuclear reactor ITER, currently being constructed in Cadarache, France, will be equipped with plasma diagnostic systems. In plasma the deuterium-tritium fusion reaction occurs and it is source of fast neutrons and alpha particles. The Radial Neutron Camera (RNC) is one of the main neutron diagnostics system in the ITER reactor. RNC will measure the total intensity of the neutron source, the neutron temperature profile of emissivity/temperature if plasma ions, and the ratio of tritium/deuterium. RNC is a complex system including, in addition to the detection system build from many types of detectors, also electronics, vacuum systems, cooling systems, connectors and transmission lines operating in extreme conditions of high magnetic fields, high temperatures, high energy deposition and intense radiation fields.

The Institute of Nuclear Physics PAS is one of the main member of RNC consortium coordinated by ENEA Frascati, Italy. The RNC project (F4E-FPA-327) was subdivided into specific grants SG01, SG02, SG03, SG05, SG06, SG07. IFJ PAN executes the following scientific and engineering tasks: CAD design, thermo-hydraulic design and analysis for the cooling system of detectors, electromagnetic analyzes, design and testing of RNC components, including preparation of design and technical specifications of adjustable collimators and rotating detectors as well as preparation of test infrastructure,  execution and results analysis of the temperature tests of diamond detectors.

Project management at DAI


Project timeline

12.2013 – 07.2014: SG01
11.2014 – 03.2019: SG02
10.2014 – 04.2017: SG03
06.2016 – 09.2018: SG05
05.2017 – 04.2020: SG06
02.2020 – 04.2024: SG07


The ITER Radial Neutron Camera Detection System
Neutron measurements in ITER using the Radial Neutron Camera


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