2010 – 2013

The scope of work carried out by DAI engineers

As part of the administrative division into groups and departments of F4E (Fusion for Energy), there is a group called A&C (Analysis and Codes). The main task of this group of people is to develop analysis and expertise useful in the design process of the ITER experiment. In consultation with the ITER department, the analysis performed cover a wide range of engineering calculations in areas such as electromagnetism and the structural strength of various components, including building structures.

In the years 2010 – 2013, calculations were carried out to verify certain elements of the ITER experiment infrastructure, including buildings. Static analysis was performed including non-linear (buckling) and material fatigue effects using the ANSYS® package and thanks to computational models made available by the International ITER Organization. The dynamic behavior of the Tokamak Machine, the Vacuum Vessel and the First Wall of the Blanket Module subjected to seismic or electro-magnetic loads, was also analyzed by applying the response spectrum method or by full transient dynamic analysis. The work was completed in 2013.

DAI engineers in the project:


Project timeline

Participation in the dynamic calculations of the ITER main vacuum tank subject to the earthquake and in the strength calculations of superconducting coil elements.

Dynamic analysis of the elements of the first wall of a vacuum tank exposed to electromagnetic loads.

Dynamic analysis of the entire ITER experiment induced by electromagnetic forces.