2014 – 2018

DAI’s scope of work

The main goals of cryogenic infrastructure modernization:

  • increase of the helium liquefaction capability up to 40 liters per hour,
  • the liquefaction process automation enabling continuous operation and remote control,
  • minimization of helium losses.

To achieve these goals the following activities ware taken: new cold box purchase, expansion of the high pressure gaseous helium storage, build helium recovery system from the laboratories and minimalization  of the helium leaks.

The modernization activities were completed in 2018. The Cold box along with other helium equipment necessary for the helium liquefaction was delivered, installed and commissioned by the supplier in the newly build hall in 2017. Meantime DAI commissioned a new gaseous helium recovery system from laboratories and  high pressure storage. The new recovery system allows the identification of laboratories in which helium has been polluted with air. Also a new water cooling system for compressors was built and commissioned. The entire helium liquefaction process has been automated.

In 2018/2019 a commissioning of the entire system was performed. After the start-up period, the new infrastructure is used to supply liquid helium to IFJ PAN laboratories. 

Project management

Z. Sułek (2014 – 2016), M. Stodulski (2014 – 2016), J.Świerblewski (2017 – 2018)

Project timeline

2014 – 2016
Repeated attempts to make purchases under public procurement. Purchase of a recovery compressor and components the high-pressure helium gas storage. Preparatory work in building 18 and maintenance of the old system.

2017 – 2018
The tender for the purchase of helium liquefaction equipment finalization. A commissioning of the entire system in the new building 26.