2016 – 2019

The scope of the work carried out at DAI

Division of Scientific Equipment and Infrastructure Construction (DAI) was involved in the upgrade of the PIERRE AUGER Observatory in Argentina. On a large area (3,000 square kilometers) in the Andes a system of water Cherenkov detectors is constructed for the study of cosmic rays of extremely high energy. As part of the upgrade of this system Surface Scintillator Detectors (SSD) will be installed on top of each Cherenkov detector. 1200 SSD units will be made by the research institutions involved in the PIERRE AUGER collaboration. The DAI division assembled 180 such detectors as the IFJ PAN’s commitment. As a result of agreements between cooperating institutes, the number of detectors made in DAI increased to 228 SSD units. All detectors were tested and packed for shipment.
The scope of work at DAI included: prefabrication of some mechanical parts of the detector, design and execution of the assembly line and detector testing stands, assembling and testing 228 detectors, and sending the detectors to their destination.

Project management in IFJ PAN

Project Manager: H. Wilczyński

Task Managers: T. Gieras, J. Świerblewski

Project timeline

2016 – 2017
The device for testing SSD detectors was designed, assembled and commissioned.

The infrastructure for assembling SSD detectors was designed and constructed. All components have been ordered and prefabricated.

The 180 SSD units detectors were assembled and tested

The additional 48 SSD units detectors were assembled and tested.


Project Pierre Auger