2007 – 2018

The scope of work carried out under management of DAI members

Design, manufacturing and installation of all essential systems used in Eye Line Treatment Room (ELTR) on proton eye radiotherapy facility at AIC-144 and Proteus C-235 cyclotrons in CCB. DAI has participated also in construction of individual devices for diagnostics of proton beam for rotating arm test stands (two gantry facilities at Proteus C-235 cyclotron used to irradiate the tumor in different locations of the patient body) and for both ELTR’s.

Modernization of the ELTR on the AIC-144 cyclotron

In 2007 was started a modernization of the cyclotron for medical purpose and simultaneously designing and constructing  the experimental eye therapy room. Main works for this project includes preparation prototypes of individual sets of ELTR components and installation of these elements. Engineering and technical support in tests and measurements as well as multiple modifications in the event of necessity of changes resulting from tests was provided.

Project timeline

2007 – 2009
During the launch of the ELTR test stand DAI members participated in designing and installation activities of:
–  new system of the support and positioning for the optical bench,
–  fastener setup for CR (Computed Radiography) imaging plates in a two-plane X-ray system,
–  prototypes of XYZ axial scanner and a water phantom,
  production of individual elements for the patients, e.g. collimators and modulators.

2010 – 2011
Design, manufacturing and installation of new ion source and high-voltage capacitor.

Modernization of the AIC-144 cyclotron control drive system: S7-200 PLC software with extension modules, preparation of the operator panel application in LabVIEW, commissioning and configuration of the OPC server for communication between the PLC and the operator panel.

Construction of the new ELTR on the Proteus C-235 cyclotron

Based on experience from ELTR for AIC-144 and new requirements for the automation of the treatment process, proton beam parameters and quality assurance, DAI employees were involved to upgrade and built a new ELTR for in Proteus C-235 facility. 
Test stand of ELTR has been equipped with a new:
– remote system of positioning of RTG panels,
– adjustable setups for X-ray tubes by laser system,
– shielding cover with radiation protect,
– new robotic therapeutic chair,
– proton beam collimation system.

Project timeline

2012 – 2015
The main activities of DAI  employees included: creation of the initial 3-D model of whole ELTR systems, preparation of technical documentation for modified and new components, their machining and assembly in new ELTR at Proteus C-230 building, in works related to modification of shielding cover for radiotherapy test stand made by an external contractor and performing necessary modifications after acceptance tests.

2016 – 2018
Since the launch of new ELTR at CCB, DAI engineers and technicians are involved in production of individual components for patients treatment  (i.e. collimators and modulators) as well as in the modernization of the whole body proton therapy (gantry) and both ELTR’s.

Modernization of the whole body therapy station on the PROTEUS 235 cyclotron (gantry)

Design, manufacture and assembly of gantry station elements, including a phantom composed of aluminum profiles and PMMA elements, which would enable optimization of the tests performed so far by combining the detectors and phantoms used to control the parameters of the scanning pencil beam at the gantry stations into one measurement configuration.

Supplementary materials


Project management at DAI

J. Kotuła, J. Michałowski (2009 – 2010), Z. Sułek (2013), J. Świerblewski (2010 – 2011)