2018 – 2022

The scope of the works carried out by DAI engineers

In the scope of the upgrade of the COMPASS tokamak (COMPASS-U) in the Institute of Plasma of the Czech Academy of Sciences, DAI staff took on the following tasks:

Numerical FEM analysis of the Central Solenoid, including:

  • Optimization of the geometry of the Central Solenoid with respect to the electromagnetic forces acting on the solenoid and the cooling requirements
  • Predicting the state of stress and deformations during the operation of the Central Solenoid
  • Carrying out steady-state and transient analyses of the cooling down to 77 K
  • Finding the minimum required pre-stress required to prevent tensile stresses during the operation of the solenoid

Computations of the maximum dynamic forces acting on the foundations of the building during plasma stability loss (plasma disruptions), including:

  • Computing the dynamic force during, a so called, Current Quench and Vertical Displacement Event (VDE)
  • Computing the deformations and stresses due to dynamic forces during plasma disruption events.

Design computations of the reinforced concrete foundations to be laid under the COMPASS-U tokamak:

  • Building a 3D model of the foundations with the realistic layout of the reinforcements,
  • Finding the dynamic behavior of the foundations caused by the time dependent forces from plasma disruptions,
  • Optimal design of the shape of the connecting parts between the legs of the tokamak and the foundation slab – to prevent cracking of the concrete.

Project management at DAI

D. Bocian, J. Świerblewski, R. Ortwein

Project timeline

2017 – 06.2020  
Conceptual design of the COMPASS-U tokamak

06.2020 – 12.2020
Procurement of the main parts of the TOKAMAK: poloidal and toroidal coils

2020 – 2022
Assembly of the tokamak

First plasma


P.Bohm_Design of the COMPASS-Upgrade tokamak