CARDEA - Career Acknowledgement for Research (Manager) Delivering for the European Area



CARDEA - Career Acknowledgement for Research (Manager) Delivering for the European Area – is a project funded by the Horizon Europe program, which brings together an eminent international partnership consortium. It is funded within the European Research Area (ERA) call aiming at maximising the impact of EU research and innovation funding (HORIZON-WIDERA-2021-ERA-01-20).

CARDEA is a cross-European project aimed at empowering, training and enhancing the role of Research Managers.

The consortium is led by the University of Cork (Ireland) and the total value of the project is 1 498 312,00 EUR; with the IFJ PAN budget of 145 000,00 EUR. The project lasts four years, the project manager for the IFJ PAN is Żaneta Świątkowska-Warkocka, dr. hab.

The CARDEA project aims to:

  • Improve knowledge for policy-making about the training and networking patterns of research support staff and research management.
  • Increase awareness amongst research management staff about existing training, networking and mobility opportunities at EU, national, and regional levels.
  • Grow the capacity and compatibility of cooperation and funding systems throughout the European Research Area for research management and support to scientists.
  • Improve awareness of the EU policy drivers and the EU research peculiarity in the Higher Education Institutions and Research organisations.
  • Establish central hubs to provide the EU research system with the most appropriate “fit for purpose” skills in EU research management, with active involvement of entities located in widening countries.
  • Provide recommendations aiming at facilitating a clear career path for research managers at national and EU levels, enhancing their role towards the achievement of the new European Research Area objectives.

Lead partner: University College Cork (Ireland)
Project manager at IFJ PAN: Żaneta Świątkowska-Warkocka, dr. hab.
Project number: 101058572
Program: Horizon Europe
Total budget: 1 498 312,00 EUR
IFJ PAN budget: 145 000,00 EUR
Start date: 01/06/2022
End date: June 2026


The project is a joint initiative of scientific institutions from Ireland, Belgium, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Poland, Romania and Spain:

Project Results

SO1: Mapping existing provisions about Research Manager across EU, including existing demographics, progression pathways (formal and informal), policy and certification.

SO2: Develop a Capability Maturity Model to assess the level of development and capability of institutional and organisational Research Manager professionalization to serve as a process improvement and appraisal system.

SO3: Develop Research Manager competency models.

SO4: Establish European Hub for Research Managers.

SO5: Strengthening the research management profession, contributing to policy at regional, national, EU and international levels.

SO6: Embed European societal ambitions for Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Widening participation in all Research Manager professional activities, offering opportunities to more people and territories to improve skills.


Żaneta Świątkowska-Warkocka, dr. hab.
tel: +48 12 662 8262