Research Service and Administration (DON)

Head: Iwona Świerblewska, MA
phone: 12 662 8181

Deputy Head: Kamila Kowalewska, MA
phone: 12 662 8451

Department's tasks:

  • Preparation of documents related to the Institute's scientific activity
  • Preparation of the descriptive part of applications for financing SPUB and its reports
  • Preparation of Institute's task plans
  • Preparation of reports for the Polish Academy of Sciences and Ministry of Education and Science
  • Technical administrator of the Integrated System of Information on Science and Higher Education at IFJ PAN
  • Editor of the institutional Repository of IFJ PAN and database of publications of IFJ PAN employees
  • Posting press releases on the foreign press website
  • Registering of Institute’s patents and scientific cooperation agreements
  • Preparation of applications for international bilateral cooperation as part of competitions announced by the Polish Academy of Sciences

Library’s tasks:

  • Collecting and sharing scientific and didactic literature
  • Subscribing Polish and foreign scientific journals
  • Consortium and license agreements - access to electronic versions of scientific journals
  • Cooperation with other libraries as part of the interlibrary exchange
  • Assignment and registering of ISBN numbers for IFJ PAN publications
  • Collecting Institute’s publishing documentation

Archive’s tasks:

  • Storage of archival materials and non-archival documentation
  • Transfer of archival materials to the Archives of Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences and Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences
  • Initiating the disposal of non-archival documentation
  • Participation in the committee's disposal of non-archival documentation