Department of the Ultrarelativistic Nuclear Physics and Hadron Interactions (NZ23)

Head of the Department: Prof. dr hab. Marek Kowalski
tel: +48 12 662 8074

The principal activity of the Department is the analysis of a very high energy nuclear reactions. A very broad range of physics questions (evolution from elementary interactions to heavy-ion collisions, soft hadronic physics, searches for the Quark Gluon Plasma state) are studied in the energy range from √s=6 GeV to √s=5.5 TeV.

The Kraków team participates in one of the main experiments at CERN LHC (Large Hadron Collider), ALICE. It’ s also involved in the data analysis from the already completed NA49 experiment at CERN SPS (Super Proton Synchrotron). The Kraków contribution to both experiments covers subdetector construction and computer simulation, calibration, data taking, experimental analysis, and interpretation of the physics data. While the Department mainly focuses on experimental studies, active collaboration with theorists is also followed. The Department closely collaborates with leading scientific centers like CERN, GSI Darmstadt and many other. The Department's activity includes also didactic work, like participation in the Scientific Festival, Institute Open Days etc. It also offers the MSc and PhD programmes.


  • Dr. Nikolaos Davis
  • Prof. Dr. Hab. Jan Figiel, emeritus
  • Prof. Dr. Hab. Lidia Görlich, emeritus
  • Prof. Dr. Hab. Marek Kowalski
  • Dr. Sándor Lökös
  • Dr. Antoni Marcinek
  • Dr. Hab. Adam Matyja
  • Dr. Hab. Jacek Otwinowski, Prof. IFJ PAN
  • Dr. Vitalii Ozvenchuk
  • Prof. Dr. Hab. Andrzej Rybicki
  • Dr. Harsh Shah
  • Dr. Iwona Sputowska
  • Dr. Sahil Upadhyaya


  • M.Sc. Łukasz Rozpłochowski