MR imaging research system 4.7 T

Bruker (Germany); 2001

Technical Data

MR research imager for small animals (rat & mouse) based on two-channel digital spectrometer (MARAN DRX) and 4.7 T/310 mm superconductive magnet (Bruker). The tomograph is equipped with high efficiency gradient amplifiers (Copley) with three sets of gradient coils of ID's 60 mm (500 mT/m), 90 mm (750 mT/m), 210 mm (180 mT/m), RF coils, and animal handling system (anesthesia, temperature stabilization, monitoring of the animal function during experiments).


It is used for in vivo animal and human studies.

Department in which the equipment is in use

Department of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (NZ56)