CNRS/IN2P3 – COPIN - Joint Committee Annual Meeting

On January 20, 2022 the Annual Meeting of the CNRS/IN2P3 – COPIN Mixed Committee took place. In the meeting participated:

From CNRS/IN2P3: Reynald Pain – Director; Berrie Giebels - Deputy Director; Marcella Grasso - Scientific Director, Nuclear Physics & Applications; Laurent Vacavant - Scientific Director, Particle & Hadronic Physics; Vincent Poireau – Scientific Director, Astroparticles and Cosmology; Arnaud Lucotte - Scientific Director, Accelerators, Detectors & Technology; Sabine Crepe-Renaudin - Scientific Director, Computing & Data Science; Thomas Palychata - Head of IN2P3 international office.

From the COPIN consortium: Tadeusz Lesiak, General Director, IFJ PAN; Bogdan Fornal, Scientific Director, IFJ PAN; Adam Maj, Chair of COPIN Consortium, IFJ PAN; Andrzej Góźdź, UMCS Lublin; Krzysztof Rusek, Director of ŚLCJ UW, Warsaw; Malgorzata Niewiara, COPIN Secretary, IFJ PAN; Olga Sułek, secretary, IFJ PAN.

During the meeting the main scientific activities of the COPIN and IN2P3 institutions were presented. Also, the next common actions were discussed, among others: the MoU for Scientific Partnership of the COPIN institutions in GANIL and the common workshop.
The main part of the meeting was devoted to the distribution of funds for the scientific exchange, based on the requests from different tasks. In total, on the French side 358 days and on the Polish side 319 days were approved.