IFJ PAN rated A+ scientific category

Following the evaluation of scientific activity covering the years 2017-2021 and by decision of the Ministry of Education and Science, the Institute has been awarded the highest scientific category A+ in the discipline of physical sciences.

The evaluation is carried out within scientific disciplines and takes into account individual accomplishments of scientific staff and PhD students of PhD schools. The scientific category earned by a given research unit affects the following: the right to run PhD schools and confer scientific degrees and the amount of subsidies received from the state budget.

The evaluation is conducted based on three criteria:

  • criterion I – scientific level of research activity – graded based on publications and patents;
  • criterion II – financial effects of scientific research and development work – graded based on the amount of funds earned for scientific projects and resulting from research services and commercialization;
  • criterion III – impact of scientific activity on the functioning of the society and economy – graded based on descriptions best documenting the connection between research and economy, the functioning of public administration, health care, culture, environmental protection etc.

Furthermore, an additional expert evaluation has been conducted to select scientific units standing out in terms of the quality of scientific research and development work, which constitutes the basis for being classified into the A+ category.

The Institute has been rated the A+ scientific category in the group of natural sciences and engineering for the first time in 2013, and managed to keep this highest category in the next two evaluations of scientific activity – in 2017 and 2022.