PPK - Auto-subscription

Dear Sir/Madam

The IFJ PAN Employment Department informs you that on 28 February 2023 all declarations on resignation from the Employee Capital Plans (hereinafter referred to as PPK) shall become invalid.

An employee who has so far never subscribed to the Employee Capital Plans PPK or who has submitted a resignation from the pension program shall be subscribed to the ePPK portal by its employer immediately following 28 February 2023. From that moment on, IFJ PAN shall make payments into PPK on behalf of such newly-introduced PPK subscribers – unless an Employee once more submits a declaration on resignation from PPK to its Employer (the declaration on resignation can be submitted no sooner than 1 March 2023).

To become a member of PPK, an employee over 55 but below 70 years old has to submit a request to the Employing Entity to conclude – for and on this employee’s behalf – a management contract for PPK.

We are sending you a short movie introducing the most fundamental principles of auto-subscription (just click on the undersigned title):
TFI PZU movie for Employees – Auto-subscription 2023


More information can be found at www.mojeppk.pl/

All employees who are already subscribers to PPK and who wish to stay in the program are not required to undertake any actions.