AS - bilateral cooperation PAS

The International Cooperation Department (BWZ PAN) has started the call for joint Polish-Taiwanese mobility projects for the years 2024-2025 as part of cooperation with the Academia Sinica (AS).


  • maximum of 14 days of exchange quota will be available annually per project
  • daily allowance (for maintenance and accommodation in Taiwan) – 130 EUR
  • the projects PAS – AS will be carried out according to the “sending side pays all” principle
  • maximum reimbursement for Polish team members’ visits to Taiwan is the equivalent of 5 500 EUR per project per year

In 2024-2025, a maximum of 3 joint Polish-Taiwanese mobility projects will be funded and 14 days of exchange quota can be used by maximum 2 participants of the project indicated in the application.

More information can be found on the PAN website.

Proposals for joint research projects (in 1 copy) should be prepared on the bilingual form "Zgłoszenie wspólnego polsko - ... projektu badawczego" and send to by December 29, 2023 (deadline for submitting applications at the Polish Academy of Sciences: January 5, 2024).