Rules of using instant messaging

Due to numerous inquiries regarding the use of instant messaging, I kindly inform you that:

  • IFJ PAN concluded a personal data processing agreement with the developer of the Zoom application and the use of the above-mentioned software by IFJ PAN employees is based on premises legalizing the processing of personal data;
  • using the services of other providers is possible only after ensuring information security and concluding appropriate agreements;
  • it is inadmissible to use private accounts for business purposes and to buy access to instant messaging services unverified by IFJ PAN on your own and use them in the IFJ PAN activities.

Information on licenses held by IFJ PAN, which can be used for remote work and instructions can be found at:

When organizing any event (conferences, workshops, lectures, competitions, etc.) via Zoom instant messaging, users should be informed that the recipient of their personal data will be the owner of the Zoom platform, on the basis of an appropriate personal data processing agreement.

In order to prepare an appropriate information clause for new events, it is necessary to contact the Data Protection Officer.