Guided tours to the Institute laboratories

We provide sightseeing selected laboratories of the Institute in small groups throughout the year. We invite youth from third grade junior high school, high school and technical school pupils, students, teachers, and organized groups of individuals. Just call us and make an appointment. You can choose the workshops that are of particular interest. In recent years, we took about 1000 people a year.

Details of the tour to the Institute

In the case of organizing trips to the IFJ, please contact Ms. Anna Czarny (tel.: 12 662 8321; 500044608 e-mail:

After the appointment, it is necessary to submit to the address of the Director of IFJ letter
[download] with a request to allow the tour (can be fax to the following number: 12 662 8458).

We accept students from high schools, students, teachers.

Prepare a list of names of the tour participants, which will be the power to enter premises IFJ.

Walking is done in groups of up to 15 people and is free of charge.