“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I may remember. Involve me and I shall learn.”
Benjamin Franklin

QuickPhysX 3

The third edition of the QuickPhysX competition has come to an end. Just like last year, the members of the Competition Committee chose from among seven stand-ups. Competition Committee evaluated them in terms of content, attractiveness and clarity of the message for the diverse audience and presentation skills that make up the general character of the lecture. In addition the Committee Members prepared a brief evaluation summary for each participant, including individual tips and suggestions, which will be said during the meeting in July.

By the decision of the Competition Committee, the following stands on the podium:

3rd Place
Kajangi Gnanachandran
presented “Biomechanics and biophysics of cancer cells: atomic microscopy as an innovative tool for early diagnosis”

2nd Place
Szymon Bacher
presented “Domowy eksperyment badający użyteczność maseczek”

1st Place
Agnieszka Szumska
presented “Promieniowanie jonizujące - droga od euforii do fobii”

We would also like to thank you for your involvement in the evaluation of the competition and for voting for the best presentation. In the audience vote, you chose the best presentation: Agnieszka Szumska - "Promieniowanie jonizujące - droga od euforii do fobii".

Congratulations to the winners,
Wiktor Parol
Jagoda Drop

An important element of scientific work is to popularize its achievements and build in the next generation a passion for discovering the secrets of the world around us. Competitors will prove that they can not only convey their knowledge or evoke an irresistible desire in the recipients to search for this knowledge on their own, but also show the benefits that scientific progress brings to society.

We invite all PhD students and employees of the Institute of Nuclear Physics. Henryk Niewodniczański PAS for creative play contributing to the popularization of physics or related fields, and at the same time drawing a positive image of our Institute to the society.

The task of each participant is to prepare a short and passionate popular science speech using small props, the bringing and use of which does not require the help of third parties. Presentations cannot be longer than 7 minutes.

If You will enroll in the competition let us know by submitting the signed application form to the secretary of the IFJ PAN Director or send its scan to the e-mail konkurs@ifj.edu.pl by June 7, 2021.


  1. Closing the list of participants - June 7, 2021,
  2. Recording of speeches at the IFJ PAN Auditorium - June 14-15, 2021,
  3. Publication of speeches for employees and doctoral students of IFJ PAN and starting the audience vote - June 21, 2021,
  4. Announcement of the competition results - June 31, 2021.

Application form
Regulations (in polish)
Contact: konkurs@ifj.edu.pl