Where to deposit?

OPEN REPOSITORY – is a tool for the management and long-term storage of digital documents. Open repositories use open standards so that their resource is fully accessible. They often store preprints, postprints of scholarly articles, electronic versions of theses and dissertations, books or their chapters, datasets and digitized versions of printed matter in the collection of a specific library. The purpose of institutional repositories is to collect and make available the scholarly output of a specific institution, while domain or central repositories focus on collecting output from a specific area of science.

An author's depositing and making his or her work available in an open repository is the fulfillment of the green way of open access.

The Sherpa Romeo database provides information on publishers' copyright policies for depositing materials and making them available.


When choosing a repository, it is worth paying attention to, among other things: assigning a persistent identifier (DOI), the standard of metadata, the use of popular licenses, the application of security policies, charging for the storage of resources.