Department of Soft Matter Research

The Henryk Niewodniczański Institute of Nuclear Physics
Polish Academy of Sciences


Research in the field of liquid crystals and other partially disordered molecular matter, has always been a core of experimental work in our group. The efforts towards a better understanding of physical and structural factors determining the mesomorphic properties of novel liquid crystals still make a large part of our work.

Equally important for us are studies of glass-forming organic substances, where the glassy state refers to the freezing of various degrees of freedom, e.g. translational, rotational, or conformational. Glassy or amorphized states of molecular crystals are of special interest to pharmaceutical industry, what stimulates our research interest in the active compounds of drugs.

Molecular matter, and liquid crystals in particular, show interesting properties if confined in micro- or nanometer-sized volumes. We explore such properties in relation to both soft- and hard-structures hosts.

Research is being conducted by means of in-house instruments such as the FTIR spectrometer, modulated DSC and TGA (thermogravimetric analyser) instruments, polarized light microscope, BDS (broadband dielectric spectrometer), or X-Ray diffractometer, as well as on large-scale facilities, in particular neutron scattering establishments. We work in close collaboration with leading Polish and foreign research groups.


liquid crystals, partially ordered molecular matter, glass-forming organic substances, vitrification, softening of glass, mesophases, thermodynamic functions (ethalpy, entropy), phase transitions, vibrational dynamic, polymers, kinetic crystalization, soft matter, thermal analysis, thermodynamical properties of matter


Ewa Juszyńska-Gałązka, Assoc. Prof., Head of the Department

Wojciech Zając, Assoc. Prof.

Piotr M. Zieliński, Assoc. Prof.

Małgorzata Jasiurkowska-Delaporte, Assoc. Prof. - tribute [ENG]/[PL]

Katarzyna Chat, Ph. D.

Aleksandra Deptuch, Ph. D.

Anna Drzewicz, Ph. D.

Natalia Osiecka-Drewniak, Ph. D.

Marcin Piwowarczyk, Ph. D.

Oleksandr Tomchuk, Ph. D.


Maria Massalska-Arodź, Prof.

Jan Krawczyk, Assoc. Prof.

Ireneusz Natkaniec, Ph. D.

Małgorzata Nowina Konopka, Ph. D.

Equipment (photo by W. Zając)

Broadband dielectric spectrometer

Broadband dielectric spectrometer

The Novocontrol Technologies broadband dielectric spectrometer allows to characterize dielectric properties of different materials in the broad frequency range (3*10-5Hz - 4*107Hz). Experiments can be performed between 173K and 523K using Novocool liquid nitrogen temperature control system. High pressure dielectric measurements are carried out up to 600MPa over a temperature range of 253K to 393K by means of high pressure cell.

Differental scanning calorimeter

Differental scanning calorimeter

TA Instruments DSC 2500 is the heat-flux type differential scanning calorimeter equipped with liquid nitrogen cooling system (from 93K to 823K). The device allows to measure temperatures and heat flows associated with phase transitions in studied materials. It is possible to perform temperature-modulated differential scanning calorimetry experiments (period: 10 - 200s and amplitude: 0.01 - 3K).

Polarized light microscope

Polarized light microscope

The Leica TM2700 polarized light microscope equipped with LINKAM THMS600 heating table, T95-PE controller and LNP95 liquid nitrogen cooling system, allows for sample observation either in reflected or in transmitted light for broad range of temperatures (78K - 873K). Experiments can be performed whit heating rate up to 150K/min and cooling rate up to 100K/min. Further analysis of recoded data can be performed with the TOApy package.

FT-IR spectrometer

FT-IR spectrometer

The Digilab Excalibur FTS 3000 is Fourier transform, mid-wavelength infrared spectrometer. Working in broad range of temperature: 15 - 400K, in wavenumber range 6000-400cm-1, resolution: 0.25cm-1. It is also possible to perform ATR experiments. The device is used to study phase transformations of molecular crystals and liquid crystals.

X-Ray Diffractometer

X-Ray Diffractometer

X’PERT PRO (PANalytical) diffractometer allows for non-destructive structural as well as qualitative and quantitative composition analysis of polycrystalline samples (e.g. pharmaceutics, minerals and metals), glasses and liquid crystals. Two non-ambient attachments allow for investigation in the 170-720K and 298-1470 K ranges. Surface and thin film studies including grazing incidence diffraction and X-ray reflectometry are also possible.

Thermogravimetric Analyzer TGA

Thermogravimetric Analyzer TGA

Thermogravimetric Analyzer TGA 5500 from TA Instrument is used to measure mass of a sample over time as the temperature changes. It enables high-resolution TGA analyzes and sinusoidal temperature modulation measurements. It allows to analyze complex processes of sample mass changes, determine of activation energy in real-time, study the decomposition kinetics in a single transformation. The device is used for investigation, i.e.: adsorption, absorption, desorption, chemisorption, thermal decomposition, reaction kinetics, composition analysis, and thermal stability of substances.

Cryogenic ball mill

Cryogenic ball mill

The CryoMill (Retsch) is tailored for cryogenic grinding. The grinding jar is continually cooled with liquid nitrogen from the integrated cooling system before and during the grinding process. Experiments can be performed using oscillating frequency of 30Hz. Cryogenic griding is one of method used to amorphization of materials. The mill can also be operated without cooling which makes it suitable for a vast range of applications.

The Sieverts apparatus

The Sieverts apparatus

The Sieverts apparatus is designed to investigate materials for hydrogen storage. A sample at known pressure and volume is connected to a reservoir of known volume and pressure through an isolation valve. Opening the isolation valve allows new equilibrium to be established. Gas sorption is determined by difference in actual measured pressure (Pf) versus calculated pressure (Pc).

The electrospinning setup

The electrospinning setup

Electrospinning allows to produce continuous fibers with diameters ranging from tens of nanometers to several micrometers. During electrospinning process a liquid droplet is electrified to generate a jet, followed by stretching and elongation to generate fiber. The size and morphology fibers can be altered by changing a solvent and process parameters, among others, the applied electric field, distance between the needle and collector, flow rate. The setup is used to prepare polymer fibers containing liquid crystals, pharmaceutical drugs, nanoparticles etc.


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Dr Katarzyna Chat leads the SONATINA 7 NCN project (2023-2026) of "Nonequilibrium glassy dynamics in one- and two-dimensional geometric nanoconfinement".

Dr Aleksandra Deptuch leads the MINIATURA 7 NCN project (2023-2024) of "Searching and characterization of glass of smectic phases of selected liquid crystal mixtures".

Dr Oleksandr Tomchuk leads the MINIATURA 6 NCN project (2022-2023) of "Study of carbon nanoparticle dispersion in a liquid crystal using neutron scattering and related methods".

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